2 quick requests

  1. I’m requesting prayer for a book deal today… a publisher’s committee is looking at one of my proposals today, and I’d like to humbly ask for you prayers that they’ll want to do the book.  I’ll let you know.  You might also pray for supernatural PEACE for me while I wait, wait, and wait some more to hear… and pray for my wife, because I drive her crazy while I’m waiting…
  2. I’d also like to ask readers of HOW TO KEEP YOUR INNER MESS FROM TRASHING YOUR OUTER WORLD… would you be willing to write a really positive review on Amazon and CBD?  Thank you so much!

4 thoughts on “2 quick requests

  1. I came by your book through our son who attends your church. We have attended your sermons in the past and are distant fans. I must say that HOW TO KEEP YOUR INNER WORLD FROM TRASHING YOUR OUTER WORLD is quite a concept. The subject matter is so complex, your idea of using the “bus” senario is genius. It certainly helps keep the various facets of ones personalities in check. I’m thoroughly enjoying this read.

  2. Bill, Your book is “One of a Kind”…It should make a best sellers list hands down. It should be alongside Everyone’s Bible. The laughs in it keep me going through the rough spot.
    I thought I had my mystery characters identified, but now I see them in a different light. And your book helps me deal with them a little gentler, and with much more confidence. God bless you for your humble honesty, and your dedication to hear from God and fearlessly share it.

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