You can help me…

typerwriterI have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s emailed or commented about the Inner Mess book.  I’m humbled, blessed, and excited by the encouragement you’ve sent.

You can help me. The odds of getting a second book contract depend on how the first book sells.  Soooo… would you be so kind as to leave a 5-star review on both Amazon and Christian Book Distributors?

It’s a hassle, though.  You have to sign in to write a review, and that requires a free account, and that takes some time.  The nice thing is that the oldest scribe2reviews appear first, so if you can get in some really excellent reviews early, they’ll bury the, uh… mediocre reviews to come (not that I expect any of those, but I’ve been a pastor long enough to know you can’t please everybody).

There’s my request. Thank you.

And an update… I haven’t heard anything about the other writing projects working thru the pipeline. I’ll let you know asap… and please continue praying.


2 thoughts on “You can help me…

  1. Did a review for CBD, will do it on Amazon as soon as I have time. At Christmas I gave books to people in San Diego, Santa Monica, Maui, and Tucson. Hope that will help the spread of fame! If I had the money I would buy a case of them and send them all over the country. I want you to publish many more books, and sell a lot of this one to help the building fund, too!!!

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