Control Freak Wins!

bossy-womanThanks for taking the poll (2 posts earlier).  And the winner is Control Freak, with 41% of the votes.  A three way tie for second place goes to Inner Brat, Inner Phony, and Inner Wimp (14% each).

So, if you’d like to rein in your Control Freak, check out this new Control Freak Profile.  If you give me the thumbs up, I plan to do more polls, and make more profile sheets.

I’d appreciate your feedback.

Click Here:  ControlFreak


5 thoughts on “Control Freak Wins!

  1. I think the “Control Freak” monster comes with mother hormones – probably wife hormones as well. So sorry to all you lovely gentlemen out there!

    However, I think you nailed it by placing anxiety as the root issue – a lack of firm trust in God makes us want to “control” all the areas around us. It may be that all the monsters in our flesh is an underlying lack of trust in God…

    Thanks so much for your insight and words of wisdom!!

  2. That’s a great profile Bill. I found it interesting as I thought about it that, even if there is general undercurrent of “control freak” in all areas of a person’s life, it’s easy to pin-point the greatest areas of anxiety using this profile. For instance, I may be perfectionistic overall as a result of my “control issues,” but I can see the controlling and hyper-corrective tendencies coming out especially in the areas of parenting my sons – because there is a greater degree of anxiety in that particular area regarding failure. I’m anxious about failing to be a good father, or about my sons growing up to be “good, well-behaved Christian boys,” and so I’ll critically correct every little “fault” I see. “Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart” (Col. 3:21). Sorry boys.

  3. Perfect meditation verses–thanks for always taking us back to the Word of God. If we can learn to focus on God’s Word and not our external circumstances we might find our control freak diminishing.

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