We’re not “those” people…

hazmatsymbolMy son has chicken pox, and we can’t figure out where he got them.  We are responsible parents.  We made them get anti-pox shots, but they’re only 70-90% effective.  But I couldn’t help feel guilty when I told his kindergarten teacher, and she said she would ciruclate a note (without our names, but of course everyone will know).

I feel like the guy who tipped over the first domino by accident.

I want to point to someone else… “He got them from Joey.  Or little Suzie.”  But we’ve got nothing. No scapegoat. No diversionary tactic. Just us.

He went to the jump house (inflatable jumping games for kids, for all you oldsters whose kids are half way to social security).  He went to karate class.  Wherever two or three kids are gathered, there is a festering cesspool of microbes in their midst. He had to get them from somewhere.  My family didn’t invent the chicken pox germ.  But, when I fessed up to his teacher, the other grown ups snapped their heads in my direction like I’d just sat on a whoopie cushion.

Yes, it’s a very mild case. Yes, he feels almost fine. And yes, he’s pretty much over it in two measly days. But I still feel culpable.

bacteriumWe’re not those people.  We don’t start plagues. Or poxes.  We land comfortably in the middle of the epidemic, not at its inception. Still, I can’t help feeling a little guilty.  May a pox NOT be on your house.

UPDATE: I’ve added two more Profiles to the Inner Mess website... so now you can find your Control Freak, Inner Critic, and Inner Brat.  Plus, I’ve added a simpler black and white edition to make it easier to print.


5 thoughts on “We’re not “those” people…

  1. the same thing happened to us 2 years ago, when our daughter was in 1st grade. she had received the immunization, but ended up with them… i too felt awful. we had no idea where they came from…

  2. Scott was covering for his master teacher at Shasta High School for a whole week (about 2 weeks ago) as she was out with Chicken Pox. We were so afraid that Carter was going to get it, but so far he’s in the clear. Hope you little one is well soon! I dread the day we have to deal with that.

  3. We also were the beginning of the chicken pox plague and have no idea where they got it. They broke out Easter night, so they exposed the entire Easter pre-school and toddler class. And the big yearly marriage retreat weekend was just an incubation period away. I still cringe when I think back on it. Surprisingly, nobody that we know of came down with chicken pox from that Easter exposure. Whew! We might have been excommunicated if we’d ruined the marriage retreat weekend.

  4. Hey guys, I suppose you don’t remember when EVERYONE got chicken pox and lived to tell about it!? No big deal at all. In fact, some parents wanted to get it over with ASAP and didn’t mind the exposure to it. Chicken pox in adults is NOT the best thing to get….so the ealier, the better.

    I know the goal is to have an illness-free world, but I believe that’s impossible. Chicken pox is among the least of the deadlies, so stop sweating!

    BTW, we even got measles too! Thank God for the polio vaccine!

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