Preaching & God’s Leading

jonah-preaching-repentenaceI’m working on some sermon ideas for this summer and next fall, but if I tell you, I’ll get fan/hate mail on my ideas, and I’ve found that doesn’t help.  That’s because I usually hear feedback on both sides equally… Great idea!  Dumb idea!  I love it!  I hate it!

Since that only makes me crazier than I already am, I don’t ask anymore.

But I do watch people. And listen. In all my interactions. Anywhere. Everywhere. Prayerfully. And, through you, God usually tells me what to preach about.

hebrewbible.jpgSo much so, that pretty much for every message series, I hear a whole lot of people say, “This series came right on time. It’s just what I/we/our family needed.”

I do follow a pattern, roughly–though please don’t hold me to it.  I usually go:  New Testament Book, Old Testament Book, Topic (summers are almost always topics, becuase people are so in-and-out all summer long).  What I’m contemplating for this summer is a topic, and then a New Testament book for the fall.  But I’m still waiting on God’s confirmation.

That confirmation comes to me in a couple of ways…

  • I get asked the same question over and over by different people in different places.
  • I am asked to pray for the same needs over and over.
  • I bump into the same problems over and over.
  • I struggle (personally and on church staff) with the same needs over and over.
  • I keep getting smacked with the same biblical truths over and over.

preacherSomething like that. Over time, the needs/issues/opportunities come into focus.  Then I ask, where in the Bible did God’s people deal with this stuff?  And Voila… a sermon series is born. This method(?) has worked for me a lot of years. That’s how God leads me.  I’m sure he does it differently for other preachers… it’s all good.

So, next time you think I’m preaching straight to you… maybe I am.  But don’t take it personally; you weren’t the only one!


4 thoughts on “Preaching & God’s Leading

  1. God bless you, brother Dr. G!

    Boy, does that sound churchy! I’m sorry, but I truly mean it! He is using you mightily to help mature His people and bring the lost to salvation. What else is a preacher for, for heaven’s sake? Right on!

  2. and to add in were Jean left off….Once you bring the lost to Salvation you continue to educate us and mature us in Christ, as long as we keep coming. 🙂 I thank you for that most of all. You make our church a place to be saved, taught and trained to serve. That is how you lead a group to become the “Mobilized Army” we so often talk about in church.

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