O Parsnip… Wow!

parsnipThe Barefoot Contessa does it again. Our small group ate last nite… an amazing prime rib from John & Kim. Perfectly seasoned, crusted in salt and pepper, roasted just right. Pink and juicy. I called dibs on the crusty parts. Margi brought a rustic carrot and parsnip dish. A Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) recipe. Ever had parsnips? Me neither. Truly, love at first bite. The consistency of a cooked carrot, and a sweet, licorice-like flavor, with just enough dill. I officially love parsnips. The funny thing is that Ina’s cookbook says, most people have never tried parsnips, and if you do, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life. She was right.
Call me Surprised By Parsnips.
I thought you should know.



7 thoughts on “O Parsnip… Wow!

  1. Uuuggg! I’ve had parsnips and wasn’t impressed by the “licorice-like flavor” in the least! Therefore, I’m imploring you to PLEASE share Margi’s recipe. Maybe I might change my mind about parsnips!

    Might I suggest the prime rib just might have made the parsnip more appealing????

  2. My Dear Friend Jean… Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the recipe because you and Margi might BOTH bring it to the same potluck, and my goose would be cooked.

    (I do think I can avoid trouble by simply suggesting you look online, perhaps at Ina Garten’s corner of the Food Network Website).

    Yours for gustatory delights,

  3. Well, my friend for gustatory delights, I found the website and Ina’s section, looked under “parsnips” and found only one dish with carrots. You neglected to say above it also has sweet potatoe and butternut squash too. Also, unless Margi decided to tweak her recipe, there was NO dill, just fresh parsley sprinkles…..???

    Does Margi read this blog too????

    I don’t think I would happen at the same potluck as you all. AND hopefully, your goose isn’t cooked with all my disclosers.

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