Napkin Please…

My friend, Donny, has a few of these videos on his website, and I couldn’t resist adding some more.  They’re from a group called, Improv Everywhere.  They go into public places and do… ummm… unusual stuff.

P.S… I thought you should know, I forgot to set my clocks ahead Saturday night, and had to scramble to get to church on time for the first service yesterday.  Yes, I’m one of “those” people.

Happy Monday!

Okay… so maybe it’s the lost hour of sleep, but this stuff makes me laugh out loud.

One more… what would you do?  What would Jesus do?  Do you care Purell with you?

Still waiting and praying on book two…


5 thoughts on “Napkin Please…

  1. Confession is good for the soul…..I think…..

    Hope you made it to church in time anyway. We had to be there at 7 a.m. – our clocks HAD to be correct!

  2. Improv Everywhere has a chapter here in Redding, according to their website. Upon further investigation, however, they haven’t yet done anything. That’s too bad, ’cause I can see myself joining and participating in something like this.

    By the way… I wasn’t there yesterday ’cause I was in LA speaking. Although I haven’t done a whole lot of speaking alone (I’m almost always interviewed), this time I did so. God was definitely involved and did all sorts of “God” stuff. This morning as the pastor drove me back to the airport, people were still calling him with feedback… all positive (so far). I’m dying to sit down for coffee sometime to share some of the conversations I had with people at the church, as well as later at the pastor’s house (he invited those with further questions to come over after the service). It’s so very humbling to see how he really CAN use all things for good.

    Next weekend I get to find out first hand if people in Arkansas are all related. I’m assure that’s not the case. We’ll see.

  3. There’s an observation I wanted to make about the janitor in the first video, but I’ll hold my tongue (or fingers in this case).

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