A Perfect Day

wildflowersSunny, high 70’s. Gentle breeze.  Perfect.

Anybody who lives in a mountain town will understand this: the air smells… uhhh… delicious. It feels like silk blowing against your skin.  It’s flavored by a million wildflowers. And the occasional bovine. You can breathe deeply and it’s good.

So after some awesome worship services, we barbecued some ribs. My favorite. Perfect.

We packed our bikes into/on the car.

We drove the family to a local school with a running track and a playground. We spent the next three hours biking around the track and playing and laughing and hanging out together. A mom, a dad, and two kids. Perfect.

Very sweet.


5 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. Enjoy greatly!! Soon it will be 120 plus.

    I apologize for my raining on your perfect day – just couldn’t help it, knowing Redding like I do…..sorry.

    Hate to tell you we have days like this ALL year long!

  2. It has been a beautiful day but I’m curious about the bovine ‘flavor’ in the air… not sure I’d want to breath too deeply. Otherwise, bring on the wild flowers, BBQ and silky spring air.

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