Easter Sunday


I am blown away by an indescribable feeling of excitement and joy generated by our incredible team for our Easter Services. It can only echo how those earliest disciples felt when they heard rumors of the Risen Savior. I’m still pumped.

In my opinion, a correct response to the Resurrection of Jesus should be LOUD, EXCITED, EXUBERANT, AND OVER THE TOP. Our team made that happen, and I’m still flying high. Please address complaints to me!!!!!!

At the risk of forgetting some names (after all, it’s 5:30 a.m.), which I’ll pick up in a follow-up post, here are some people I am extra thankful for today:

  • eastermusicJon Lepinski… Awesome worship leader. You brought that moment in history to LIFE through the words, the enthusiasm, the joy, the beauty, the excellence, the corporateness of the music you led us through. I’m so glad God brought you and your beautiful family to Redding.
  • Ron Largent… Amazing job leading the worship choir, and bringing out the energy of the Resurrection.
  • Jackie Martin… Smooth-flowing guest services from the Usher Cafe to helping the crowds find seats to taking care of all the details of welcoming and greeting thousands of worshippers.
  • Rachelle Busby and Ben Gurczynski… phenomenal job with the kids ministries. An incredible amount of set-up and materials movement to reset our kids’ stuff in a rented auditorium.  Great job.
  • Les Faires and Scott Davis… Fist bump on the technical stuff and program flow. You assembled a wonderful team.
  • Drew VanderWerf… fantastic audio mix, and humble spirit throughout a really tough weekend.
  • Dinah Vaughn and the BryanBakers (one word)… Loved the stage set and lighting… really set the tone for the worship.
  • Jennifer Beaver… picnic by the river?  Egg hunt?  Excellent idea and way to pull it off!  Tell your kids I say thank you for filling 2,000 eggs. Ha!
  • Bob and the Staff at Redding Convention Center… you guys were amazing hosts, and really dedicated to making our even a success.  Thank you for your amazing expertise and for going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • My bride, Margi… for holding down the fort during a long weekend. Love you babe. LOVED the prime rib…
  • Everyone who prayed and served… Thank you. God sees.

Highlights for me:

  • In Christ Alone! What a hymn… No power of hell / No scheme of man / Can ever pluck me / From his hand… Hallelujah!
  • What a Day! Awesome solo vocal w/choir by Jon L.  Brings me to tears.
  • easterkidsYou are the Light of the World… our beautiful children’s choir… featuring my two fantastic kids. Thanks guys for leading us in worship. Loved the glow sticks.
  • People… Watching thousands of people worship God, and express their love to him… a beautiful thing.
  • Salvations… seeing hands go up all over that auditorium of people who prayed to receive Jesus….

“Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.” Romans 8:33, 34, NKJV.

I copied these pictures from Donny Pauling’s iPhone blog. Visit there for a couple more pictures of the service…


6 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. It was a really great service. I was seated near a couple that, from things they said, rarely attend Church services. The smiles plastered on their faces remained in place all service long, and at many points laughter erupted.

    I felt the same way. Great, great day!

  2. By the way, just moments after that first pic was taken (of the crowd), Jon Lepinski announced we’d be waiting a few moments to start because the cars were backed up for two miles. What a turn out! 🙂

  3. All so true Pastor but you left out that Bill Giovannetti spoke a powerful word that so many people need to hear.

    And when we mentioned the treadmill to a family member who didn’t/wouldn’t attned she was so curious that she asked what it was all about and we were able to share some of God’s truth with her.

    Two thumbs way up! High five! Fist pump! Jumping jacks and whatever else it takes to say thanks for using the gifts God has given you!

  4. I was glad to see the BryanBakers paint had dried and looked great, he was seeing marble when he closed his eyes the last I spoke to him. ;’)

  5. Well, my husband and I traveled 250 miles to be with you yesterday – and it was well worth it! In spite of the crowds – more so the parking lot!!! (which drives me nuts!!), it was so great to fill an ENTIRE row with just my family! What could be better than sharing the resurrection of our Lord together, celebrating with enthusiasm? Thanks to you all for making the celebration so memorable and enjoyable.

    I, for one, am so thankful for someone, ANYONE, who suggests I get OFF the treadmill instead of on one!! I’ll love you forever, Dr. G!!

    And, Donny, you should have gone to first service, we started on time – tee hee!

  6. I cried during the song “in Christ Alone” During the part when it says in christ i’ll stand, there was a woman who caught my eye. She had a cane, I believed she had cp. cerebal palsy, anyhow she stood up the best that she could and sang her heart out!!

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