Meet Your Inner Pharisee

Here’s another addition to the Inner Mess Character Profile Sheets… This is a nasty one, because it’s easier to spot in others than in ourselves. Click the picture to go to the downloads page.



4 thoughts on “Meet Your Inner Pharisee

  1. Bill…

    You are familiar with the “Imago Dei” (Image of God) in man… I sometimes wonder whether or not the Inner Pharisee is not, in fact, that “fractured” aspect of man’s inherent “Imago Dei” (righteous character of God). In other words, our inherent moral tendency for seeking justice occurs — at times — outside of the context/sphere of Love, which is also part of “Imago Dei.” (That is, the Inner Mess is the corrupt Adamic nature.) What do you think…? I am not pronouncing anything dogmatic, but just an opinion…. Again, this is just a thought!


  2. Bill:

    Your inner pharisee looks amazingly similar to Michael Dukakis. Put an army helmet on him and sit him in a tank and you have yourself the 1988 presidential candidate.

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