Thanks for the mention… Win a book…

coffeeJanet K Grant, my literary agent, gave me a very nice mention in her blog about a book’s opening lines. Janet is a pro’s pro, and it’s a big deal to me that she gave my book a mention. Click here, and leave a nice comment! What a super-encouraging way to re-colorize my normal Monday morning blues.

It also helps that I visited our town’s brand new Trader Joe’s today, and bought Italian Roast coffee.  It makes me feel just a little like I’m back in a big city. I’m about to have an ecstatic experience.


Another blog is offering a free book to a lucky providentially favored reader… Simply leave a comment reviewing the best book you’ve read lately (hint: HOW TO KEEP YOUR INNER MESS FROM TRASHING YOUR OUTER WORLD)… and win a free book!  Click here.



4 thoughts on “Thanks for the mention… Win a book…

  1. Bill,
    Trader Joes!!!??? Sheesh. Next you’ll be getting flush toilets and cable TV! It’s getting downright civilized out there!

    As a Trader Joe’s novice, you may need some navigation tips, so, here are my Trader Joe’s staples: 1: Corn Relish (spicy salsa made with corn! Man Food!), 2: Chocolate Covered Raisins (not Man Food, but tasty and semi-good for you), 3: Filet Mignon (they have good meat), 4: Pizza Dough (in a bag, ready to roll!), 5: Already cooked Pot Roast (yum), 6: Sweet Potato French Fries (frozen). Plus, most TJ’s have a little counter in the back where you can get a free sample of coffee, and a tasty treat. PlusPlus, you gotta love a place that has 9 kinds of prosciutto.

    You’re Welcome,

    ps: Did you notice the first post on “stuff Christians like?” You’re welcome again.

  2. Worked for Trader Joe’s in between mortgage gigs (yes, the economy’s failure is my fault). A great company to work for and great food, although the co-workers were a little too eclectic. Try the Lemonade (best out there), frozen Mac and Cheese (better than Stouffer’s) and finally Peanut butter filled Pretzels (Yum).

  3. Oh wait- so… “Joe” isn’t actually a trader?
    And you can’t buy a lantern or pick-axe there?
    Not even a quality gold pan?
    Unless “prosciutto” is some kind of imported dynamite, this is all a really big letdown.

    Oh, ‘scuze me, speaking of dynamite, miner Jim is at the cabin door.

    Glad your book is getting such good press Bill. Congrats!

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