What Every Christian Needs?


6 thoughts on “What Every Christian Needs?

  1. If you think that’s ‘neato,’ just wait ’till the Mac version comes out.

    That was awesome.
    Especially loved the print feature, great sound effects.
    Josh’s favorite line: “This is a knife?”

    I just watched it again… it’s like Naploeon Dynamite, gets funnier each time you watch it.

    heh, heh, “Please tell me more about THAT!”
    Sorry, still laughing…

  2. I HAD an I Bible. It was great, except that, since I’m, you know, way spiritual, and I’m always underlining my favorite verses, (with my annointed blue Sharpie)… Well, let’s just say that there’s more than one kind of “Blue Screen of Death.”

    Josh: The Mac version probably TELLS you what verse you must read!

  3. You two have too much time on your hands. Your time would be better spent reading my blog. Grace.

  4. I think the Germans made this. You know the Germans always make good things.

    Personally, fighting Goliath isn’t what I would be doing if I were virtual King David.

    Finally, maybe the Holy Spirit could use the iBible to re”kindle” the flame in his church.

  5. I love this stuff… except it makes me feel old. How many people of this generation (other than Josh) are familiar with the sounds a dot-matrix printer or the dial-up buzz and beeps during the connection process? I’ve ordered a dozen of these for our congregation to check out during your sermons.

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