General Council 3

GENCOUNCIL09a_1Sorry for the breaks between blogs, but it’s a busy, busy time.

So… picking up where we left off.  It was my turn to preach.  I mounted these stage, and walked to my music stand and spoke.  And God carried me.

I winked at Margi and took off.  My message was that the Holy Spirit was ready to do in us exactly what he did in Jesus.  And that w/o the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, we can do nothing.  The room was so huge (I’ve been told 1,700 pastors/missionaries/spouses) that my voice boomed.  Cool.

I felt unusual liberty in preaching. This is no doubt because of your many prayers.  Thank you.  Thank you.  A countdown clock in front of me ticked down the minutes. I was allowed 45 minutes, and I stopped — miraculously — with 3 minutes left.

We went immediately into Mighty to Save… which I chose because I wanted the emphasis to be on the power of God, not on anything WE do, but on what HE does.

I’ve received nothing but great responses since that message.  People were moved, encouraged, enabled, blessed… and all glory goes to God.  It was fun, but tiring, and I’m glad it’s over…. BUT I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a great privilege. I love our denomination (the Christian & Missionari Alliance — which has a new website, check it out).

I just finished teachinga 1 hour and 45 minute seminar (packed out, standing room only) called How I Stopped Trying to Be Like Jesus and Improved My Sanctification. I’ll leave you hanging on the details of that one…

I had lunch w/Rick Pitcher.

I drove Margi to the airport at 6:30 a.m.  She flew to Chicago, only find that her flight to SFO was cancelled…. she’d been cancelled EACH WAY.  WHAT IS WITH UNITED?  (Sorry cuz).  Last I heard, my spunky wife was flying to Vegas to Frisco to Redding, and will have spent 18 hours flying to get home.  Pray.

Okay… back to work.  I’ll catch you later.


8 thoughts on “General Council 3

  1. Thanks for the conclusion Bill, wonderful news about your class too. Great God!

    Played b-ball with Rick Pitcher at SU. Amazingly nice guy… haven’t seen him since. Interested to hear what he’s doing now.

    Will be praying for Margi. Doing it now. Later Bill.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to relieve us cliffhangers here waiting for an update on you, our favorite Dr. G. You are so kind – blessings.

    Being an ex-C&MAer, I agree with you in appreciating the organization – a fine group of Godly people indeed. I especially love their outreach to the unsaved. They are so blessed to have YOU in their midst!! How the times have changed, though, since we were part of the C&MA. (I think a change for the better!)

    Blessings on you and prayers for a continued good time at the Council.

    Poor Margi…….with 18 hours, she should be somewhere in the middle East or something….

  3. PTL! Praying for God’s continued grace on your family. Looking forward to the details on the latest seminar.

  4. Bill…

    I listened to your presentation on the CMA site…and enjoyed it very much. Based on the audience, I was under the impression that the missionaries (to whom you spoke) may have been very familiar with the “power” of the Holy Spirit in terms of tongues and other charismatic experiences (either through their own ministries or through the minitries of other missionaries on the mission field). Your discussion amplified the Spirit’s power beyond those parameters (typically associated with the “holy roller” culture as you say).

    I was also refreshed how you referred to the Holy Spirit as “He,” since many preachers seem to refer to Him as “It.” That is, He is just as much a Person of the Godhead as the Son and Father. He was very “personable” in your discussion.

    On the passage (Luke 4:18-19), the annointing — I ponder — may have also included the particular reference to His specific “annointing” as Messiah by John the Baptist. That is, in the Luke 4:18-19 passage, Jesus announced (in what was His first sermon) that He had been annointed and so was the Annointed or “Meshiach” (The Annointed One, or Christos), i.e., He was the character from Psalm 2, the King, the annointed Son of David. Why? Because the Spirit came upon Him at this Annointing by John the Baptist.

    Your sermon went fast. It didn’t sound like 40-some minutes. I was very refreshed that you touched on a bold subject (Holy Spirit) that often proves difficult for many to teach, or preach, since there seems to be more emphasis on the sensational outworking of the Spirit (charismatic gifts) than on the Person of the Spirit. You captured this topic well by presenting and balancing the Person with His Power, and placing the context into the life and experience of the humanity of Christ on earth.


  5. Of course it was fantastic! You are a gifted teacher and what a treat to share what we get every week with others. I find it so funny that you get so nervous. Seems like God likes to keep us humble in our greatest giftings.

  6. Excellent! Thanks for keeping us posted. So glad it went well (but I did not doubt that it would). God has given you a gift, you have cooperated with God in developing it, and the result is as it should be — powerful and insightful teaching. Most of us (and I include myself here) do not cooperate with God to the same degree. But we can choose to change that. Ball is in our court.

  7. Margi has my sympathy. I haven’t even checked in to Max Grace until tonight, and didn’t expect anything (assuming Council was keeping you busy).

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