3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. There was a leader in the 20th Century who acted like Obama. He was for government control of industry, he supported the destruction of innocents, he was arrogant and he cozied up to the Muslim world. Can’t remember his name, first name started with an A, last name with H.
    The government has no business owning car companies, banks, etc. The founding fathers never intended our government to be in control of the means of production. The more they control, the less we the people are free.

  2. I thought you would be putting a picture of one of those “smart-dumb” cars that looks like an adult stroller. I wonder where they put the airbags on those things?? I saw the bigger of those strollers make a one-point turnaround in a driveway (regular size) a couple days ago – amazing!

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