R.I.P. Jesse



1993 – July 22, 2009

“Good Dog”

Stuff about Jesse…

16 years old

Male, lab mix. I rescued him from a shelter in Rockford, IL.  He was a puppy, estimated 6-9 months old.

He went everywhere with me.  Church. People’s houses. Bible studies. Pastor’s meetings.  He would lay quietly, or gently greet people when they came in. I often had people say how peaceful Jesse’s presence made them feel. He was a gentle spirit.

Jesse, in his prime, could sit, stay, down, come, heel, bang, roll over, wait, and speak.  He was trained to bark when my hand was open, and keep barking till I closed my hand.  I would have the neighborhood kids give him a simple math problem… “Jesse! What’s 7-4?” He would bark 3 times and stop… and the kids never figured out the hand signal.

Jesse was my running partner in the woods.  When Margi and I ran together, he’d take off after deer, and be gone for 30-40 minutes, and come back to get us.  He also loved canoeing with us, and would squeeze next to Margi in the front of the canoe… hanging out over the prow.  “I’m the king of the world.”

He brought a rat into my house, and ate it on my bed.

He was skunked four times.

He could jump over the 4-foot tall chain-link fence between my house and my neighbor. He played with his girlfriend, April the Mutt, there.

He was very sweet, and gentle, and smart and beautiful. I already miss him. I am sad today.

Any nice Jesse stories?


10 thoughts on “R.I.P. Jesse

  1. I am so, so sorry you have lost your beloved Jesse! Sixteen years is a very long time to have such a sweet, loving doggie in your lives. I’m sure your children are very sad today also. I am praying for peace and contentment in all your hearts as you mourn his loss. Nothing can replace him, except, perhaps, another little doggie to love and cherish?

    Not being a doggie person, I can only imagine how you feel and trust God will comfort you all. (I have all these grambabies, you see!)

    R.I.P. Jesse! I bet doggie heaven is fabulous!!!!!!!

  2. Bill,
    We’re very sad to hear about Jesse. Adaline still loves telling the story about when we were all sitting around your yard, and very out of character, Jesse “lifted his leg” all over my back! We all still get a good laugh out of that.

    Sharing your sadness in Chicago,

  3. I’m so sorry that your dog died. I still miss my past dogs. Did he like suckers? Looks like he dropped his in the picture. I know it’s not talked about in the Bible, but I like to imagine all of my pets in my room in that mansion that’s being prepared for us in heaven.

    • On his last days, we took him out for ice cream, fed him half a pound of baloney, and gave him the sucker you see in the picture.

  4. I remember several Sunday mornings back at Windy City when you started your sermon with, “Well, I have a new Bible this morning because Jesse ate my old one. Seems he has a taste for fine leather.”

    May he ever enjoy chewing the celestial leather of a 10 foot tall NKJV in doggie heaven.


  5. I loved hearing about all his encounters with “peppy le pew?”??sp in your sermons.
    Jesse provided us with some great spiritual lessons.

    Praying for you guys.

  6. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Jesse, but after reading your memories, it’s clear he was a very, very good and beloved dog. Lump-throated with you guys – and looking forward to meeting him when all things are set right and fully alive again. Sorry for this present throat-lump…

  7. Good to see John B checking in, and thanks for the reminder. Jesse had a taste for a couple things. Bibles and TV Remote Controls. Bill had a drawer full of semi-chewed remotes in his kitchen.

    Hey Bill, was it Jesse or Niko that found his way to your roof and woke up the neighborhood one Sunday morning? You had to leave church to rescue him, right?

    Bob G

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