Fast from Sins of the Tongue

Russian toy-terrier.Ridiculous dogYep, you read that right. A 40 day fast from sins of the tongue.  No whining, complaining, criticizing, cursing, lying, gossiping, hating, revenging, dissumlating, backbiting, slandering… you get the idea.

It’s a challenge from my current sermon series, called Bite Me!

We handed out little Bite Me banks and church today, and ran out!  Hundreds more will be delivered Wednesday, and we’ll probably have to order even more!

Your words create your own emotional atmosphere. Tame your tongue, heal your heart.

If you want to participate, make your own bank, and every time you vent some mouth poison, stuff it w/$5.  You can give it to a local church, street mission, orphanage, or our church’s building fund.  Make it something you can feel… the point is awareness.

“Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23, NKJV.

Nice talk thru Labor Day. What do you think?



11 thoughts on “Fast from Sins of the Tongue

  1. Do I have to pay $5 for complaining/whining about the 108 degree heat in
    Redding???? I just leave the area to feel better…..

  2. Chickens! ‘Fraidy Cats –

    Oh no! Is that complaining too???

    (Have a great vacation, Dr. G!) We just came from a 5th birthday party last night and the guest of honor kept saying about the gifts received “This is much fun, this is MUCH fun!!”

    Kids are GREAT!!! Now, that’s NOT a complaint!

  3. Umm, I don’t know how to do this without complaining. But the sermon audio won’t download. Itunes only has the video, no audio. So, GIMME!!! Uh, I mean, PLEASE GIMME!!!

    Barely Complaining and Patiently Awaiting,

    ps: You’ll get $5 from me after I get my mp3’s.

    • Bob,

      That problem just started for you? I haven’t even attempted a download from the church for a few months, now. Someone may say I owe $5, but I can say from experience that complaining or mentioning the problem won’t get it fixed. And, anyway, how can you say the title of the series without owing $5? It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya. I mean, Bite Me.

  4. Bill…..FANTASTIC SERMON series. Flip and I were blown away by that last sermon….

    thanks so much!

  5. Not complaining…but how do I get the audio? I have the same problem as Bob. Can’t get it to download off ITunes because it is video. Only the Bite Me series has this problem.


    Thankful in Chicago,

  6. we downloaded the audio off the website about a week ago with no problem. Not sure about ITunes……

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