G’nite, Sleep tite, Don’t let the…

BEDBUGS BITE!!!! In an ongoing effort to edify maxgrace.com readers, TWO — count’em, TWO documentaries about the little bloodsuckers. Snuggle under the covers, and enjoy!

Which one is creepier?

Sometimes, God is hilarious!


2 thoughts on “G’nite, Sleep tite, Don’t let the…

  1. I think the “exterminator” was hysterical in the second one! “We’re at war with Al Qaeda, not bed bugs.” Oh, hahahahah!

    Not so sure I enjoy God’s hilarity, though…..

  2. Bill, you got me paranoid about these things I can’t sleep at night every itch or twinge has become a bed bug in my head!!! What have you done to me . . . ok I sleep a little at night 🙂

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