Non-spontaneous baptisms?


Click this for the kids/youth schedule this weekend!

God blew us all away last weekend, when a huge crowd came forward for baptism. (See the previous two posts for the awesome stories.) By the way, we baptize by immersion. That means we dunk you all the way under water.  So this is a pretty big deal.

For this coming weekend, we’re facing 2 big issues:

1) Integrity with regard to youth/children/minors — it has to be their choice, they have to understand the significance of baptism, and their parents or guardians most likely want to watch it! So last weekend, you had to be 18 or over. But not this coming weekend (details below, so stay tuned)

2) Crowd control –– because our 10:45 service had about 5 empty seats, and that’s it! If we open that service to young people, and you invite aunts and uncles and grandparents, we’ll have some very disappointed people!


About to be baptized together as a "double."

Remember… this weekend will not be our last baptism service ever. If you don’t fit the guidelines below, please know we care about you and can’t wait to celebration your public declaration of faith in Jesus. We’ll schedule a service just for you soon, so please be patient!


Students (12-17) can get baptized if you bring your parent or guardian with you, backstage, when we give the invitation.  They’ll check you in, and then return to the auditorium to watch you get baptized. You have two choices (only): Saturday at 5:00 or Sunday at 12:30.  Bring all the family you can!

Students (10-11) can get baptized if bring your parent or guardian with you AND if you have completed our Kids’ Baptism Training packet with your parents.  (There’s one exception, below).  Same choices: Saturday at 5:30 or Sunday at 12:30.

Families (down to age 10) can get baptized without completing the Training Packet, if another adult in your immediate family with be baptized with you. Please make sure you child understands the meaning of baptism: it doesn’t save, doesn’t wash away sins, doesn’t open up heaven. It is a symbol of your faith in Jesus as your Savior, and of your union with Him. Same choices: Saturday at 5:30 or Sunday at 12:30.

It sounds like something Congress would write, I know.  But integrity with kids, and crowd control, loomed big in our minds.


There are TWO people under the water here!

Looming bigger, however, is the powerful hand of God at work among his people!  Pray for this weekend. Pray for our gospel messages (Bill in the Celebration and Classic services, Todd at the Well). We’re going to invite people to receive Jesus, and then get baptized.  PRAY!  The devil hates this, an

d we’re on a battleship!

See you this weekend! I can’t wait to see how God shows up!

Photos of each person getting baptized (more to come; we have some extra processing to do), click here.


Jim Botts, Baptism Hero


The Incredible Jon Lepinski and our Awesome Band