Dunkfest Sermon

Here’s the first Dunkfest Video. After this message, 174 people came forward to get baptized, and 4 people received Jesus as Savior. This is part of a series called BirthRight: It’s Yours, Take it Back (based on Joshua).


One thought on “Dunkfest Sermon

  1. Bill…

    I am so excited by what you have been doing, and I am really very happy with you. The excitement is electrifying. I enjoyed your on-line sermon comparing circumcison with baptism.

    I wanted to share something for edification and encouragement.

    You know that circumcision began not with Moses, but with Abraham, as a sign of eternal life. That is, Abraham’s faith resulted in his eternal life — he was declared righteous by God — and so the power of God enabled him to have a son (since Abraham had been sexually dead at the age of 99). The removal of the deadness of his flesh was through circumcision, and thus Abraham had his promised seed of life manifested alive: that is, Isaac was born (the son of the promise of eternal life and blessing to the world). Thus God’s promise of eternal life was perpetuated (to result eventually in the birth of Jesus, who was a direct descendent of Abraham and his promise to Abraham). Old testament saints who correlated and embraced this promise were supposed to express their faith through this circumcision made with hands — i.e., God’s holy seed was to come through the Jews. This was the Old Covenent, whose laws also provided the template through which the Jews expressed faith toward God and man…

    Water baptism is the New Covenant. John the Baptist correlated Jesus with the New Covenant (at the Baptism in the Jordan River, which, by the way, was the same river that the Israelites entered the Promised Land, or “rest”). Thus John the Baptist fulfilled all righteousness, and the Holy Spirit testified to the same at Jesus’s baptism by John. Jesus is the New Covenant promise of eternal life — living water — that not only gives life, but removes or “washes” all sin from us through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Jesus chided Nicodemus (“a so-called teacher of Israel”) for failing to make this connection between being made alive (“born again”) through water and the Spirit. (This concept is found in Ezekiel.)

    Anyway, to pull this all together, Paul ties our invisible baptism by the Spirit at salvation with the circumcision of our heart, which is made without hands. We are therefore inward Jews and sons of Abraham (Romans 2:29), because we have eternal life through faith. That is, the Inner Mess is “cut away” in our hearts so that we may be alive and worship God in the Spirit. Our public, wet baptism is the declaration of our “dry” Holy Spirit baptism — i.e., our hearts have been sprinkled cleaned from dead works (self-righteousness) and that our bodies have been completely washed of sins (Hebrews 10:22)… The Apostle John reminds us that this New Covenant washing came through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross: “not by the water only, but with the water and with the blood” (1 John 5:6).

    The word limit of this blog does not permit an exhaustive discourse (so I trust I did not create confusion but edification), but suffice to say, our visible water baptism is the public declaration (celebration) of the invisible reality that we have received righteousness, eternal life, and complete cleansing (inner circumcision of the heart). Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit as a result. It is thus that our identity precedes victory. You see? The Israelites got circumcised (and were “dry baptized” — no one got wet! — with Joshua through the Jordan River) before taking their rest in the Promised Land. This was all a “shadow” of things to come in the New Covenant “by water and the Spirit (and the blood).”

    My prayers are constantly for you and your church… Keep running toward the goal and set the example for us all!


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