How To Fix America

You don’t have to be Amish to believe the American trajectory is dramatically awry. We’re flirting with disaster in every major category: money, sexuality, family, morals, marriage, sanctify of life, privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Our inalienable rights don’t seem so inalienable these days. High debt, high divorce, shrinking equity… okay, now I’m officially depressed.

I would like to go on record to say THERE IS NO POLITICAL ANSWER to what ails our land.

Please don’t get me wrong. I believe in the political process; I have strong views. Followers of Jesus should be salt and light. That means voting. That means exercising our freedoms in the public sphere. That means speaking up and getting involved. God calls some Christ-followers to political careers. I support you and applaud you.

I just don’t believe that you will fix what’s wrong with our land. You’re part of the solution, but you’re not foundational to it. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Green. God bless you, but my hope is NOT in you.

Blessed is the nation, God promises, WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD (Ps. 33:12).

So we have to ask how to flesh that out. How do we live day by day respecting the Lordship and Leadership of our Great God? How do we bring down the blessing of God?

The church is the hope of America.

The church, fulfilling her divine mandate: making disciples. The church, bringing honor to Jesus’ name. The church, teaching her people to walk in biblical holiness. The church, bringing  light to the nations and  healing to the world.

In Leviticus 26, God promises increasingly severe discipline for his nation when it departs from God’s ways.  This discipline culminates in NATIONAL DISINTEGRATION. Is that possible for America? What do you think? Other republics have disintegrated from within… Here’s the warning:

38 You shall perish among the nations, and the land of your enemies shall eat you up. 39 And those of you who are left shall waste away in their iniquity in your enemies’ lands; also in their fathers’ iniquities, which are with them, they shall waste away. (Leviticus 26:38, 39, NKJV).

Here’s my hunch: we’ve coasted for over 200 years on the blessings of our founders… and maybe some periodic spasms of godliness. We’ve rested on past laurels in terms of: Freedom. Liberty. Property Rights. Judeo-Christian ethics.

Now, however, we’ve lost momentum. We’ve come to a screeching halt. Our blessings from the past are over.

We’re on our own.

What will it take to restore our land?

1. Repentance

40 ‘But if they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers, with their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me, and that they also have walked contrary to Me, (Leviticus 26:40, NKJV).

2. Jesus followers like me and you walking in GRACE-ORIENTED HOLINESS

14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14, NKJV).

Grace-oriented holiness is the crying need of our day. Legalism will not bring down the blessing of God! We need holiness by grace.

I wrote the Inner Mess book (hey, why not buy a few copies?, click HERE) precisely because I think we’ve grown weak in holiness. We’ve transmogrified life with God into a grueling, white-knuckled, legalistic DUTY.  The post-salvation Christian life has devolved into something WE DO BY OUR POWER…  when all along, a life that pleases God must flow from HIS POWER…  Christ in you, the hope of glory.

God never expects the world to act redeemed. He does, however, expect the church to act redeemed. We, in the CHURCH, are the key. We are the answer. We are the hope of America. We are the hope of the world.

A few houses ago, I lived in a subdivision that required a green lawn within the first year of moving in. I had an odd-shaped, triangular, CORNER lot with a super-long 10′ wide parkway (that’s the grassy space between the street and the sidewalk; mine was all dirt). So, I tilled and seeded the parkway.

That’s when the worst DROUGHT in a decade hit. Ha ha, God. I bought what seemed like miles of garden hose, and a robotic sprinkler that crawled across the super-long, skinny area.

My little sprinkler ran night and day. For weeks. I got maybe 10% germination, and a wimpy, gnarly lawn. I simply could not put down enough water fast enough to activate the life of the seed.

Then God sent the rain. God did in a day what I couldn’t do in weeks of sweat and labor.

So it will be when God restores the United States of America. Not our activity, not our programs, not our strategies, not our declarations — even at their best — can turn the tide. But God can… in a heartbeat.

Lord, revive your church!

In the first two Great Awakenings in America, God reversed generations of social and financial ills. Those revivals radically altered the direction of our nation.

My prayer is that God will do it again.

Child of God… it’s your patriotic duty to keep maturing in God and his Word. Grow deep. Grow strong. Reach out in his love… in that order. 18 but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen. (2 Peter 3:18, NKJV).

Pastor… it’s your patriotic duty to teach and preach and lead for maturity, and to create a tribe deep and strong in God’s grace, and God’s Word. 32 “So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. (Acts 20:32, NKJV).

Church… it’s your patriotic duty to be the people of God. That’s how we will bless the world. That’s how we will bless the God who loved us, and gave himself up for us.

And that’s how God will bless America once again.


12 thoughts on “How To Fix America

  1. Bill.

    “Transmogrified?” Great word. I’m going to have to look that up although I think I got the context clue.

    Funny. I prayed just this morning for our nation along the very lines you write. But I do wonder–Can what happened to the Persians, the Romans, and the Greeks, world class leaders all, happen to the United States of America? Are we destined to lose our grip on world power in some humble yet cataclysmic shift?

    I have hope in the Lord my God. But like you, I do not have hope in the people of our nation. Are we, as the church, riding a roller coaster toward a certain end? I’m at once hopeful and discouraged.

    I see my role, as part of the church, to stay on that roller coaster and suffer the downswing with my countrymen, during which, I can hopefully share the light that I know–even as I plunge toward the bottom alongside.

    Is this too dim a view?

  2. Carrie: I am thinking the same thoughts!! It’s depressing indeed.

    However, I love Dr. G’s optimism and Truth about God’s plan and need to submerge myself in that. In the end, He is victorious and I’m on His side. It’s the confidence in Him I want to pass on to my children and grambabies to endure till He comes or calls them home.

    Thanks, Dr. G, for the uplift – sure needed it!

  3. Oh, LOVE the Wesley hymn on twitter!!!! See, you love those old hymns too (I knew that, just want to mess with you….)

  4. Dr. G,

    I have been doing alot of thinking about the relationship between our citizenship in the kingdom of God versus our citizenship in the kingdom of the USA. I have a close relative who spends every waking minute glued to Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. He’s not a very happy person. He’s always worried/anxious. He’s stressed. I am afraid he has lost sight of his citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    I am a Jesus follower. I am a registered Democrat. I consider myself a frog’s hair left of center, politically. I vote. But I am pursuing a life of dedication to my Father’s Kingdom. My Father’s law is above the law of men. My whole world changed when I turned off Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman and turned to my Father’s words and the words of His disciples. Our Father said, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, by My words will never pass away.”

    Every nation that has ever existed has come to an end. The USA will not be immune. Let us serve our Father’s Kingdom. To Him be the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

    God Bless you and your family this holiday season.


  5. I sincerely question how one could be a Democrat and a Christian. The modern Democratic party is the party of Sodomites (such as Rachel Maddow), Abortion lovers and Pan theistic earth worshippers. God was not kidding when he whacked Sodom and Gommarah. Look at parts of San Fransisco or Chicago and tell me that the Democratic party is not evil.
    The GOP is not perfect by a long shot There is some major hypocracy there but I would much rather elect a Christ-follower such as Sarah Palin or Rev, Huckabee. We need to elect Pro-Traditional marriage and lifestyle, Pro-Life, Pro Christ in the school/workplace/public square candidates and hold their feet to the fire. We need another Reagan, not a B. Hussein Obama. This country was founded by Evangelical Bible-believing Christians. Let’s take it back!!

  6. I’ve always wondered when studying in Revelation where the USA is in the end times? Why doesn’t the USA help Israel when all the countries of the world come against her? I’ve been taught the Bear represents Russia etc. Recently someone suggested to me that the USA is the great whore in Revelation. At first I thought NO, but after some thought… just might fit. Not a pretty picture!
    Thank you for your reminder that we can make the difference! Even Ninevah’s judgement was delayed when her people repented. I’m encouraged and will stay faithful to do my part! (by the grace of God)

  7. Bill, I prayed for you this morning. I then googled your name and was encouraged to see the words Repent and holiness on your last article. Add a little fear of the Lord and I think your on to something!!!

  8. Dr. G,

    I do not wish to engage in a flame-war in your blog comments. However, much of what RobbS says above is fallacy and I am offended. Our current president has expressed his own personal faith in Jesus Christ. A person’s political choices do not guarantee their spiritual life. There are plenty of right-wing nut-jobs, proud members of the GOP who are not Christians and there are many left-wing nut-jobs who are.

    God is not a Republican, a Democrat, an American or even a human being… His ways are not our ways. I’m sorry that RobbS feels that one cannot be a Christian and a Democrat. He may be quite surprised when he arrives in heaven to find most of the people there are NOT white Americans, let alone all Republican.

    My only point above was that our focus should be on our Father’s kingdom and His business. To be caught up in the petty squabbles of man’s politics is to be missing out on our Father’s calling. To Him be the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

    Grace and Peace,

  9. Matt,

    I apologize for offending you but I am not a “Right wing Nutjob”. I am offended that you think my dislike of Obama has anything to do with his ethnic background (the White Republican comment). The race card is a favorite canard of the Left. I voted for an African American for president twice in the primaries.Ever hear of Ambassabor Alan Keyes? i never said one’s political choices have ANYTHING to do with our spirtual life, rather how can one suuport a political party and a President who is so antigonistic to Christian beliefs (pro homosexual, pro abortion).
    As for Obama’s profession of faith, do some research. He did admit his muslim faith (a slip of the tongue with George Stefanopoulos). When has he said “Jesus is Lord?”. The church he attended (if you could call it a church) preached a radical theology. He could have attended many awesome churches in the Chicago Black community, but he did not. i personally feel he Possibly could be the Anti Christ (do not want to argue this, this is my opinion)
    I realize many are Democrats because their parents were Democrats. I grew up in the 5th congressional district in Chicago, where Dan Rostenkowski, Rod Blagojevich and Rahm Emanuel were once the congressmen. I actually voted for Clinton in 1993. It was Bill who challenged me regarding the intersection of my faith and my politics. He sent me on the path which brought to be the fire-breathing Conservative (not Republican) I am today. What I was trying to say is we should support and vote for candidates who are really Christian (such as George W. Bush, Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee) and support Christian ideas . A candidate like Jimmy Carter, with his proclaiming himself born-again, could not win the Democratic nomination today. Ask yourselves, does the person i vote for hold my values?

  10. BG said -“I would like to go on record to say THERE IS NO POLITICAL ANSWER to what ails our land…”

    Amen to that, I wish that Christians would set aside politics for a season and not confuse them with truth. To believe that one agenda is more holy than another is at best naive. Politics is about money and power, regardless of what carrots they use to lead their followers down the path to compliance.

    Our Lord seems to be more concerned with our hearts; He already owns everything the world holds.

  11. Amen, to JP, well said!

    Before the King of kings, and Lord of lords, I think we’ll all feel a bit foolish over the “carrots” we allowed to distract us…

    Let’s zero in on the last couple of sentences in the above blog.

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