Guest Worship Leader

Here’s a preview of our new guest worship leader for this summer…. I’m pretty sure once you start watching, you won’t be able to look away.

There’s more below if you want to click…

His name is Edward Hill and he was a big star in the Soviet Union in the 70’s, and no, he’s not coming as guest worship leader at our church.

Now we know why the Soviet Union imploded.


11 thoughts on “Guest Worship Leader

  1. My wisecracks, in the order in which they came to mind:
    1: W H Y ! ! !
    2: Yodeling is an under-appreciated form of Christian Worship
    3: I dunno. Looks like he’s lip syncing.

  2. I think he’s lip syncing too! And that smile —ouch!!

    So glad Jon still has his job!! Yeah!

    And Bob G: That’s the worst yodeling I’ve ever heard!

  3. This is frightening. Another reason Communism is just flat out wrong. You’re sense of humor, Bill, is quite unique. Thanks for sharing, I think?

  4. I thought you weren’t suppose to speak in tongues without an interpreter present? He must be uttering mysteries in the Spirit of Milly Vanilli.

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