Here’s a sermon on making a spiritual comeback and renewing your dream from God. Open your Bible to Joshua 8 and follow along…

Click here to download a sermon transcript (.pdf) so you can follow along.


2 thoughts on “Comeback!

  1. Hi Bill,

    Now that this series is over I am really looking forward to getting the DVD’s so I can watch them all in sequence.
    “When Dreams Die”. That’s hard to even write, it’s been such a big part of my life.
    I have written to you in the past starting when we were studying Ester and you “encouraged” us to “Go towards what we fear most”. For me that meant taking on the BILLION dollar a year manufacturing company that was producing my invention (Sweet spot; inventing). I thought that God had brought this company into my life as an answer to prayer. Turns out that my willingness to follow their direction to “not use lawyers, and write the contract myself” was actually just me looking for the easy way, and turned out to be my part of why the dream failed for which I have to take responsibility. (Stupid!!)
    In this series there was a similar message of going towards what you fear most in order to enter your “Promised Land”, and believing that God honors and is even glorified by that kind of faith. I took God at His Word and decided that instead of continuing in a relationship with this Billion dollar manufacturer I would hire a lawyer, take on the Billion dollar Corp. and cancel the contract that I had with them. I did that, putting me even further into debt and now with no-one to produce my invention. Sigh!

    For clarity, I am a scuba diver and abalone diver which lead to the invention of a new type of scuba fin. I believe that God has been in this process since day one, of that I have no doubt.

    The reason I mention what the invention is, is because you might recognize the companies that I am now talking to. Body Glove and Speedo. Two of the most recognizable names in the business. And one, Body Glove, with the largest market share. 70%!!
    This is not done yet, not by a long shot. There is still a lot of negotiating and finagling that will have to happen and so many ways I could still screw this up.
    That’s part of the reason I am so anxious for the DVDs to come out. That way I can be continually reminded of the truths in these lessons.

    You’re right, it’s very hard for me to believe sometimes that God has my best interest at heart and that He wants to bless me. After six failed business (all my fault) you begin to think that way.
    In 1 Samuel, Hannah prayed for the desire of her heart and God heard her. She has always been my favorite Old Testament character, hoping that God would do the same with me.
    (My wife and I recently adopted a puppy that had been abandoned. The lady who found the pups (7 of ’em) named this one Hannah, we kept the name.)

    In the Book of Ecclesiastes chapter 2 and 3 a verse is repeated almost verbatim, three times. In 3:22 it says that;
    “…nothing is better than that a man should rejoice in his own work, for that is his heritage”.
    I take that to mean that we should have work to do that we enjoy, there is nothing better. Conversely, working at something that you hate; there is nothing worse. That has been my experience. I have been asking God to show me the way since 1985. Then I had the idea for the scuba fin in 1996. I quit my job in 2006 in order to give full time care to my father who has advanced dementia, and ever since my wife has been carrying the financial load for us as an elementary school special-ed teacher.
    Bill, I want to be able to provide for my family, that’s what I am asking of God, to allow me to provide for my family and enjoy doing it.
    I guess the main reason I am writing this is to let you know that,
    1) “the audience is listening” and
    2)occasionally we even follow your teaching and that maybe, just maybe, in this case, it may work out just the way you said it could.
    Our responsibility…prayer!!

    God’s choice…outcome!!


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