Dear Jacob Lusk,

A few weeks ago, you got labelled, and I’m not gonna repeat the label. I could see the pain in your eyes when it happened. As a Dad, as a man, I was ticked. The producers of American Idol did what they always do: they treated you as an object not a person. If you had a Dad, he would have raised hell. Unfortunately, you lost yours when you were young, so no one came to your defense.

I’d like to put some labels on you: I hope you’re open to them.

I label you COURAGEOUS. Every week, you stand in front of millions of people and take a risk. I’m a preacher; I get that, at least a little. What if they don’t like you? What if you blow it? What if… a million doubts surface, but that day comes, you take the stage, and you do your job. I’m really proud of you. You overcame fatherlessness, and you’ve stepped forward toward your dream. Great job.

I label you HARD WORKING and PERSEVERANT. You have been working at your craft since you were a little kid. You have not quit, have not given up. You have not let your setbacks stop you. Week after week, you learn, grow, and come back again. Yes, you are GIFTED. But call you that takes something away from you. Your real secret is that you work hard, and for that you get a big pat on the back. Great job. Whoever taught you your work ethic gets a pat on the back too. Keep that up, and win or lose, you will lead a blessed life.

I label you MAN OF GOD. You are a gospel singer and minister of music. It is clear that you use your music to glorify God. I am so proud of you. I appreciate you. I see you as a man who follows hard after God. You are an inspiration, and I have no doubt that Jesus smiles every time you sing. He is your audience of one. Always serve him. Keep him in mind. Don’t let the critics get you down. Sing to please Jesus. Don’t let anyone pull you away from him.

I label you a MASTERPIECE IN PROGRESS. The Bible says you “are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, for good works” (Ephesians 2:10). Jacob, you’re young enough to be vulnerable. The music industry is brutal… it has messed with a lot of young men’s minds and hearts. Don’t let it define you. Don’t let other people label you. God calls you his valued son: believe him. God calls you his holy one: take that name for yourself. God calls you spiritual royalty: rise up to your full stature in Christ. Don’t let the world pull you away from your true Father in Heaven.

You are a strong young man, Jacob. Stay in God’s Word, walk by God’s Spirit, engage with God’s people, and you’ll do great. American Idol doesn’t own you. God does.

God put you on earth for a reason. Right now, music is part of it. I pray that you will be more than a star in the entertainment industry. I pray that you will be a celebrity in heaven… a man after God’s own heart and a man who lives a God-blessed life, true to God, and true to your deepest and best self.

Remember: friends don’t put pejorative labels on friends.

I’m proud of you.

Bill Giovannetti


3 thoughts on “Dear Jacob Lusk,

  1. I think the best example of his integrity was when James Iovine gave him the song “Let’s Get It On” which stylistically would have been great for him, but he felt that it was not a good message and he chose a different song.

  2. I am glad to finally see someone who is truly supportive of Jacob as a person. I believe that he is a man of God and has a God-given talent that needs to be shared. I think Jacob was given very poor advice on American Idol. He needs to remain strong and focused on what God would have him to do and not listen to the nay sayers. Sing what is in your heart Jacob and you will go far.

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