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My apologetics book, Four Letter Words: Conversations on Faith’s Beauty and Logic, is FREE for download today and Friday (Apr 26, 27) on Please spread the word.

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There’s never been a culture more desperate for answers to life’s big questions; and never a culture more convinced no answers exist. As a Christian, I believe answers do exist. God has spoken in his Word. He has lifted the veil, and offered a glimpse into the deepest truths of life, love, and existence. We may not understand completely, but we can understand truly. Here are the chapters:

1 FOUR LETTER WORDS. In today’s global village, isn’t it unreasonable to suggest the Bible has a monopoly on truth? Is the message of Jesus a lunatic’s curse or heaven’s blessing?

2 TRUE. Who says your truth has to be my truth too? Can’t we both be right? What is truth and where can I find it?

3 KNOW. How do we know what we know? Is faith a weak link in the Christian’s chain of knowing? Doesn’t science contradict the Bible?

4 PAIN. Why is there pain and suffering in the world? Why does my life hurt? When will God stop the pain?

5 OUCH. Is suffering real or just an illusion? Does Jesus care? Is he strong enough to heal my wounds?

6 EVIL. Do good and evil really exist? How do I tell the difference? Should Christians be judgmental? Who’s to say what’s right and wrong?

7 WORD. What makes the Bible so special? Isn’t it just one among many valid options? Isn’t all truth God’s truth?

8 DAMN. Is hell real? Will God send people there? Why? How can hell be consistent with God’s love? Doesn’t love win in the end?

9 WAIT. Sexuality is a normal part of life, so, if we love each other, why wait? Wasn’t the Bible written for a different time and place? Why should we enforce its ancient values today?

10 HOPE. No philosophy or religion has ever given the world as much hope as biblical Christianity. A beautiful story of interlocking truths, revealing the heart of a Father who loves you. Why not try Jesus?


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