Dear Miley,

young miley

We don’t know each other, but I have a daughter, and, though I can’t imagine your life as a kid on TV, I can imagine you being a little girl, growing toward womanhood. I’ve seen your dad on TV, and I hope he cares deeply for you. He seems to, in public, at least. And you may have had this conversation with him — I pray you did — but in case you didn’t, here’s a message to you from one dad’s heart.

You are too precious to sacrifice your dignity on the altar of media, money, or MTV.

Miley, you are sacred in God’s sight. He knows the deepest, truest you. Your heart. Your passions. Your dreams. Your needs. Your gifts. Your secrets. God knows, and God loves you deeply. It will be his delight to bring you to the life of your dreams.

As powerful a young woman as you are, you are still vulnerable. Massive forces jockey to exploit you for money. Dark forces of evil wish to devour you — consuming your life bit by bit till nothing’s left. Everybody wants a piece of you. The Bible speaks of those who “bite and devour one another” (Galatians 5:15). Don’t think you’re immune.

You need boundaries. Emotional boundaries. Spiritual boundaries. Physical boundaries. Relational boundaries. Financial boundaries. Sexual boundaries. Even clothing is a kind of boundary… there are aspects of who you are that should be reserved for yourself and your future husband. Keep yourself special. I hope and pray you can value yourself enough to push back against forces that will use you, demean you, exploit you, and embarrass you.

I know your grandpa was a preacher and a gospel singer, and your dad has spoken openly of his Christianity.

In an interview with Beliefnet, your dad said these [prophetic] words:

You just gotta know that what the dark side wouldn’t give to put out that light and that positive hope and love and bring down anyone. Miley gets up and wins an award and thanks Jesus, because it’s who she is and what she believes. She’s been reprimanded a few times for that from people in the business, saying, “What are you doing?” Can you imagine how much joy it would bring to the devil to see Miley just do something really stupid and all these kids around the world that she’s represented such a positive force to just taint it with something stupid and ruin it? There’s a lot of forces that would like to see that happen.

Sorry — and I say this with compassion — but I think that you just crossed that line on MTV.

I also think this: YOU CAN CROSS IT BACK.

God welcomes do-overs. Come back to him. He’s ready for you. You once said, “I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life’s journey.” You were right.

Search your heart. Get away from the exploiters who are advising you. Spend some time with God and a Bible. Recalibrate your heart with your first love, Jesus. Humble yourself before God. He’s ready and eager to forgive. I think most of your fans are too.

Be the person God designed you to be — the person you want to be when you’re really honest with yourself. Don’t let people who don’t treasure you squeeze you into their self-destructive mold. Be you, not some imitation of you.

Millions of people care about you and love you.

But nobody loves you as much as God. Jesus proved that on the cross.

I hope you can embrace your own sacredness and treasure your immense worth in Him. My daughter is one of my great treasures. I would do anything to be her first line of defense, her shield, her boundary, and her guide. I pray that your dad, or someone else, can do that for you. You are a sacred person and you belong to God.

A lot of people are praying for you. I’m one of them.



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  1. I think this is a perfect example of being addicted to fame. I think having stardom at a young age causes this and a person will do anything to hold on to it. She is just trying to fill the God-sized hole in her heart with this and I hope and pray she realizes this one day.

  2. Wow, Bill. A great example for all of us who are to quick to judge and point fingers and lay blame. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was all that surprised to hear about the performance. More surprised at the brouhaha it created. Why are we suddenly so shocked when this happens, when everything in society nowadays comes down to ‘anything goes’? I guess what I would love to see come out of this is someone like Miley having a sincere come to Jesus moment, and not being afraid to tell the world about it. But as for her performance, I think it’s just a statement on how far the world has fallen. Not to be blase about it, but maybe to see it as more of a challenge for those of us who do not find that behavior acceptable.

    • My heart goes out to her… we’ve seen this too many times with child stars. It doesn’t end well. I hope and pray God grabs her heart.

      • Amen ~ I pray the LORD woos her back to Himself, and that she turn and remember Who she is and Whose ~ and how much more powerful that is than trying to entice and seek fame through hollow ways ~ great letter. Wish it was something she would read…keep praying ❤ (for her and all like her, sold out by our culture)

  3. Very well said. I agree with Cathy’s comment that her performance is a statement on how far the world has fallen. I also think that what it all boils down to, essentially, is spiritual warfare. I feel like the enemy is working harder than ever, through Hollywood and the music industry especially, to destroy us. But, we know that the Lord has the ultimate victory. I just wonder how much longer He’s going to allow all of this nonsense.

  4. Great Bill, I just pray she will read it and so will her father Billy. Thanks for speaking out. What a world!

  5. Bill, your compassionate way of speaking is just what someone like Miley needs. Shaming her publicly will not win her heart back to Jesus, but gently reminding her of who she is can. Thank you for making the same point all the haters are making, but doing it in a way that can truthfully help her.

  6. So very sad. My prayer is that Miley reads the comments on your page and knows that it is the world who judges her and the true
    Christians who will pray for her. “Honey, if you are reading this, learn to love yourself and see yourself as the Lord sees you. Girl your real dad is a King and you are his princess—-never think it is too late or that you have gone to far, but please listen to that still small voice that you seem to be blocking out right now—He still cares, He still loves you and He wants you back—-Give the devil a black eye and tell him “NO MORE!! I AM GOD’S CHILD AND YOU CAN’T HAVE ME!”–God Bless

  7. Thank you, Bill! Let us hope and pray that Miley hears the Grace of the Cross more than self-righteous judgment and vitriol from the “church”. Judgment and vitriol will not save her, can’t ever turn her back to God. But the unconditional love and amazing grace of our Savior can. How glorious would it be to see that prodigy return to the feet of Jesus! Humble and forgiven, and free again… what an impact that might have on exploited young women everywhere, to see such a high-profile prodigy return to a wonderful and redeemed life, with the darkness shed like an old coat… a testament to the life-changing power of the Cross. This will be my prayer.

  8. Wow, the sexism in this letter is astounding. Why no open letter to Robin Thicke or 2 Chainz? Oh that’s right, because only women need their sexuality policed and controlled by men. Lovely.

    • Carolyn, you’re right. Can’t argue with you. I wrote to Miley because my kids have watched her over the years, and I was familiar with her trajectory. I know nothing about Robin Thicke or 2 Chainz. But I get where you’re coming from. bg

    • Or how about every other singer/entertainer who does these kind of things? Why not address the entire world? Clearly there was a target here, and it was not just “women”, it was a person who was known to his kids. Get over yourself.

      • True about so many entertainers who do the same things today. But I don’t think, “Hey world, quit being perverted” would fly as a blog post. However, when a professed Christian does these things, and when people are asking my opinion about the news, and when my kids and I are familiar with them, I’ll speak out. And about getting over myself, Amen. That’s something I’m working on all the time, so thanks for the reminder.

      • Sorry, but you don’t have to know Robin Thicke’s trajectory or know him personally to at least point out that he was the other disgusting half of this performance, allowing a “Christian” to gyrate against his crotch. He encouraged it during the rehearsal as well as the performance.

        Perhaps Carolyn would have viewed the article as more balanced if Thicke was also given a shaming, along with the rest of the male singers who continue to produce of music that blatantly objectifies women. I think women would have more self-respect if they didn’t live in a world where chivalry is basically dead and anything sacred about the female body has been thrown out the window with rap lyrics like “You’re the hottest **** in this place!” Both Cyrus and Thicke are responsible for the atrocity that took place on that stage. It’s a prime of example of how the average man views a woman nowadays, and how the average woman responds to it, who has likely given up on propriety in a manwhore abiding world. I guess nobody bats an eye when Robin Thicke does it because it’s expected of him. Does that make it any less right? No. And it should be pointed out instead of ignored, or worse, glorified as it always is.

        By no means should she “get over herself”. She makes a good point that I wish more male preachers would touch on during their sermons. If men had more proper expectations in addition to RESPECT for women instead of how easily they could get into their pants, I doubt you’d see this kind of behavior.

    • I would venture to say that he did mention other people — those who would use and abuse Miley for their own gain. As far as mentioning Robin Thicke and his song about “Blurred Lines” of consent (i.e., rape), that honestly deserves it’s own post (or maybe ten) and didn’t belong here. This blog was clearly meant to be a reminder to Miley of who she is, in the same way the blogger would have spoken to his own daughter. But you’re absolutely right that the world needs to be much more aware of why women feel the need to exploit themselves, and why everyone seems to be more and more okay with it. It may not be entirely responsible, but I think that songs like “Blurred Lines” and the men who enjoy it, lead to women feeling like their only route to affirmation, love, influence, etc., is through abusing their sexuality. It’s a society like this that opens the doors for sex trafficking. And some wonder why America is one of the top destinations for trafficked women and children. These girls are just looking for love, and tragically, they’ve been misguided by the world as far as how to obtain it.

  9. Thank you for expressing this so simply. Miley, I am the father of a highly talented 19 year old daughter. She is incapable of the type of performance you gave. I would hope she would not anyway. Miley, your heart is precious to God and I know you have had second thoughts about that performance. Guard your heart and your dignity. God bless you and your family.

  10. Powerful, powerful piece, Bill. Full of mercy and compassion, and yes, grace.
    @caro: God doesn’t have a double standard when it comes to misuse of sexuality. Men are accountable, too, because He wants the best for everyone.

    • You are corret Linda….the same mercy, compassion and grace that Christ showed us We as Christian need to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ and help to point them in the right diretion when they get off track. Miley perhaps has forgotten that God has the perfect plan. Jeremiah 29:11.

  11. What can I say that hasn’t been said about this…wow, wonderful, powerful. I wish Miley would read this. Makes me think that we just need to pray for her all the more.

  12. Thanks for writing this! & I believe that we are all shocked at her behavior and hold her to a higher standard because of the image Miley had portrayed before her last few stints. She has openly discussed her Christianity, her faith, her God and how important those are to her. And her performance and actions over the last year or so has not portrayed that at all. All teens go through this, she just happens to be in the spot light with millions of people watching her and being influenced by millions more! Hollywood is in my prayers!

  13. Her name was Destiny Hope at birth. What a powerful and strong name! Now Miley Ray is no longer fulfilling that Destiny of Hope. :/

  14. As a mother of three boys, I take situations/issues of this nature just as seriously. It is absolutely critical for our girls to know their self-worth and image created by the Father. It is equally important to uphold a responsibility in developing our future husbands and fathers to be holding a standard (much) higher than society is setting course for them. Our sons must learn a valuable lesson here as well; not only in how they view themselves (as also eternal heirs of the Father), but how they define “sexy” and search for future dating potentials (with clear, explicit intention to develop a godly marriage).

    A book I read habitually to my boys (all under 4) is the “Paperbag Princess” where a princess uses her wit and smarts to save a prince who was captured by a dragon. The prince, upon being rescued, ridiculed her for rescuing him wearing a grungy paper bag (the dragon burned all her clothes while raiding the castle). He tells her, “Go away until you are dressed like a real princess.” The picture book ends with the princess retorting, “Arnold, your clothes are nice, but you are a bum.” And they didn’t get married after all.

    SIDENOTE: This blog also made me think of last week’s sermon where Biblically-founded/framed Christians are going to look Amish in 10 years. Never were truer words spoken. Well, besides the infallible word of God (duh). We must be prepared.

  15. Mr. Giovannetti, I was hoping and praying that someone, preferably a Christian parent, would write to Miley an inspired letter from their heart. I could see it most effective coming from a father, as she seemed very close to her daddy. I was praying that someone would do just that, so you are the answer to that prayer. I’ve been praying for Miley the past 2 days, as I’m sure so many Christians are. I’ve also been praying for her dad, whose heart must be so grieved. He would die in her place; he just wants his baby back for Christ, as we all would. I have 3 young adult children (one is a daughter), myself, so a mother’s heart was aching and praying for Miley. Thank you for your anointed letter to her. We shall pray that it fall on fertile ground, hearing ears, and that the Holy Spirit will draw her back to Him and give up the corrupt ways of the world. May her eyes and ears be open to see and hear and recognize the lies of satan that pull her further and further toward death. God bless you!
    ~ Inez

  16. You guys are over reacting so hard. I find it funny that if this was Rihanna or Ke$ha no one would bat an eye.

    • Collin,

      Forgive me if I’m wrong (because I’m familiar with those stars by reputation only, so I might be wrong), but I think the difference here is that the women you named, along with the men named in some of the other comments don’t have a history of sharing faith with the public

      Miley Cyrus has that history.

      Of course, behavior like hers would be no less grievous to a Christian heart coming from another source. But it may be less unexpected.

      Perhaps it is understandable if we grieve more deeply to see a once shining example of young faith fall so far and fast.

  17. I remember a pastor saying something to me many years ago that’s always been at the forefront of my mind while getting dressed: “Men buy what a woman’s selling,” (regarding the clothes – or lack thereof- that she’s wearing.

  18. Love this letter – I wish all daughters got these kinds of messages from their fathers. We’d have young women who truly valued their beauty and bring beauty to the world. I think the saddest part of this is knowing how much beauty Miss Cyrus has to offer. I found out about this post thanks to someone who linked to it in a comment on my blog on the same topic – offering practical advice for parents worried about their own teenagers’ battles to stay on the straight and narrow. I’d love to share it with you and your readers as well.

  19. Here’s what I love. 2 things: 1, I was having the exact same thoughts as you about this. 2, Yesterday my news feed was filled with blogs….blogs with great messages that I didn’t even want to read because they attached the raunchy pics with it. I appreciate that you chose a tasteful and innocent pic. I didn’t see Miley’s performance, on purpose, but felt like with all the pics I had to quickly scroll past I saw the performance anyway. *shudders*

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