Four Benefits of Salvation Invitations

scaryevangelist1Dear Pastor,

Please give a salvation invitation. Not every week, perhaps (unless evangelism is your spiritual gift, in which case you don’t need this post). Not even every month. I’m not suggesting you set much of a schedule at all. But periodically, as the Holy Spirit leads, or as the calendar suggests, speak to those in your congregation who are not saved, invite them to cross the line of faith, and lead them in a prayer of faith, right there, on the spot.

It is not my objective, in this post, to defend the idea of evangelism, the gospel of grace, or salvation as a “moment” in which a person passes from death to life. I have done that here and here and here. Nor will we engage the calvinist/arminian controversy, except to say… Continue reading

My Favorite Hymn: All About Grace

“One more song please” begs my son. It’s part of our bedtime routine. Margi and I swap each night which of our kids we put to bed. The last part of the routine is singing. I can faintly hear Margi singing to our daughter as I sing to my son.

What do we sing? Old hymns. Can’t beat ’em for depth of content. I love today’s worship music. I love upbeat praise and worship. Full band. Drums. Guitars. Stuff that makes me move. But I also love the stuff that moves me. Could be because I grew up with it. But it also could be because the lyrics are so dang good. If I had to pick just one for its lyrics, it would be… Continue reading