Soul Music

davemeurer.jpgSoon our church will welcome a new worship pastor.  This is NOT his picture.  So, when my friend, Dave Meurer (pictured) offered me the use of this article, I jumped. Dave is an accomplished author, or as he prefers to be called, Awe-Thor. He’s written six or so books and hundreds of articles. Click here to check out his site. He’s mentoring me into authorhood. Here’s his article called…


Soul Music

    For the past several decades, one question has troubled churches more than just about any other. And that vexing question is: “Why isn’t the Holy Land actually blue like it shows on our Bible maps?”

    This question demonstrates that theological awareness is in the tank these days, because scholarly research has proven that the Holy Land is actually orange like it shows on the globe.

    But a second question has also registered pretty high on the church vexation scale, and that question is: “What kind of music does God like?” Continue reading


Say Ahhhhh….

piercedopenmouth.jpgBefore I get started, a big thank you to Donny Pauling who wrote a post about the message I preached last weekend.  Check it out, click here:  Donny’s Ramblings.  The message was about Christian liberty and is called Totally Unstuck:  Free In Christ. 

If God has already blessed me to the max (Eph 1:3), then why don’t I feel it?  Every follower of Jesus should be crystal clear about how to EXPERIENCE your riches in Christ.  Or, as I mentioned in the earlier blog, God says, “I am the LORD your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” Psalms 81:10, NKJV.

God tells us to say ahhh, and so many times, pucker our lips.  Why? My hunch is because most of the time we expect him to give us bad-tasting medicine.  We have a defective view of God;  we misread his Fatherly heart.

But let’s suppose we’re on board with his love and grace;  how do we experience his grace? Continue reading

HeavenQuake… (on LOIS PETERSON)

There was a high magnitude quake in the evangelistic spiritual realm over Chicago today. At its epicenter was the passing away of one of the finest evangelists I have ever known.

I first heard the name of Lois Peterson disdainfully–almost as if the speaker was spitting. She was not popular among the old guard at my church.

  • “I can’t believe that she lets people smoke at her Bible study.”
  • “A woman shouldn’t teach men.”
  • “She’s not under anybody’s authority.”
  • “She doesn’t believe in the old sin nature.”
  • “Her ear rings are too big.”
  • “She said ‘damn’.”

Others despised her for these reasons. The rest of us loved her for them.

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Dance Fever Friday

Doing our part to deepen the intellectual capacities of our loyal readers….

Two guys in a church doing a skit break into a dance medley. They’re dressed up as scouts. Profound and though-provoking.  (Sorry for the gap between postings:  I thought that I’d posted this one last Monday, but I clicked the wrong button.  Oops.)

Wanna bet?

On May 7, I posted a blog about gambling (you can see it if you scroll down, or go back one week). I was stranded at the LasVegas airport with two hours to kill. I posted the question: Did I or didn’t I gamble? Why or why not?

Here are the survey results:


Ready for my answer? Here it is…

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SURVEY: Did I or didn’t I gamble?

Voice on public address system two Tuesdays ago: “Ladies and gentlemen, flight 322 to Chicago/O’Hare has been delayed due to bad weather in Chicago. The flight has been rescheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m.” bad it was scheduled for 11:30 a.m. I was in the LasVegas airport, on my way to Chicago, and found myself with an unexpected two hours to kill.

What to do? what to do? hmmmmm…

Did I or didn’t I gamble? What do you think? Take the survey, and next week I’ll answer the question. Leave a comment if you want to–maybe you could explain why you think I did or I didn’t gamble. What do you think about gambling, anyway?

Facts to consider

  • I’m a committed follower of Jesus…
  • Who’s also a pastor…
  • But I really believe in grace…
  • and in Christian liberty (that Jesus gives us HUGE latitude in our choices and lifestyle)

Check back for my answer on next Tuesday.

When you click an answer below, your vote will be recorded. You’ll also be redirected to Please come on back here and leave a comment if you want to, to explain why you voted the way you did. Thank you so much for being a visitor!

Did Bill gamble while stranded at the LasVegas Airport?
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2) Just a little.
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