Echoes from the Past…

rader34icon.jpgLance B. Latham was one of the big influencers from my past. He was the originator of the church-based Awana program for kids. I knew him from Camp Awana and from the North Side Gospel Center. But I’m not blogging about Lance today. I’m blogging about a book that he gave away to anybody who received Jesus.

That book, Grace and Truth, was written by W.P. MacKay. MacKay was a medical doctor who became a preacher in the Scottish Presbyterian Church.  This is even more remarkable, because at one point he became president of a local atheist society.  MacKay composed several hymns, including “We Praise Thee, O God, for the Son of Thy Love.” He was killed tragically in an accident in 1885. Continue reading


An Old/New Way of Ancient/Future Thinking

rader1a.jpgPostmodernism/emergentism loves paradoxical/slash thinking/reading so I thought I’d take a shot/stab at it.

Not really. Too many slashes would be annoying/unkind to you, my merciful/forgiving reader/visitor. Really. I’ll stop. I’m done. Seriously.

Can I say that I’m alarmed by some trends in the church today? Mostly in terms of theology. The alarming trend bouncing in my brain this morning is the changing view of the church’s and Christian’s mission. Continue reading

Let’s Revisit Grace

I still can’t get out of “Lois Peterson” mode (see the blog right after this one–be sure to read the comments). In her honor, I’ve put together some quotes about grace. I hope you enjoy….

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Now, let’s revisit grace. Continue reading