I’d love to visit your church or group. Here are some sample topics I’ve taught on to get you thinking, but I’d be happy to tailor a message to serve your ministry. Click here to email me and we can get started.

Dr. Bill Giovannetti

Personal :: Funny :: Grace-filled :: Real World :: Biblical


Sample Messages

One Sure Thing

Beneath a weird story of deception and moldy bread lies a profound revelation of our security in Christ. Based on Joshua 13 and the certainty of God’s covenant with us. No matter what else may go wrong, in Christ we have One Sure Thing.

Going to My Happy Place

If God is for us… what could be better than that? A talk reveling in the wonders of God from Romans 8.

Clearing the Path to Refuge

The Cities of Refuge illustrate how every follower of Jesus can help reach lost people for Him.

Chuck the Mechanic

A funny evangelistic message about how Jesus-talk freaks people out.

I’m an evangelist at heart and would love to preach the gospel in a relevant, respectful, and tasteful way and give a salvation invitation to your group.  


Retreats, Seminars, and Multiple-Session Messages

I’ve done these topics as weekend seminars (Friday nite thru Sunday worship), retreats, and stand alone talks.  Email me, and we can figure out what’s best for your team, group, staff, or church.

My goal is to leave you with the tools to repeat these seminars on your own as part of your discipleship and spiritual-formation plan.

Four Letter Words: Touchy ideas in an ultra-tolerant world

  • 3-6 sessions
  • Topics that get Christ’s followers into trouble. This is an apologetic series, equipping participants to defend the Christian world-view. Topics can include: TRUE, KNOW, EVIL, OUCH, WAIT, HOMO, DAMN, WORD, TELL and others.
  • Includes:
    • Participant’s Handout Master (Fill in the blanks)
    • PowerPoint Slide file

Prayer Boot Camp

  • 4-6 Sessions
  • Jump-start your prayer life by using the Lord’s Prayer as an outline. Each session includes practical/theological teaching plus a Prayer Guide Review. You’ll also receive everything you need to repeat the Prayer Boot Camp every year in your church at retreats, small groups, youth groups, or classes.
  • Includes:
    • Participant’s Handout Master (Fill in the blanks)
    • PowerPoint Slide file

How I Stopped Trying to Be Like Jesus and Improved My Sanctification

  • 3-4 Sessions
  • This seminar explores how to reframe the “WWJD” lifestyle from impossible legalism into Spirit-empowered enablement. You’ll also receive everything you need to repeat the Sanctification Seminar in your church at retreats, small groups, youth groups, or classes.
  • Includes:
    • Participant’s Handout Master (Fill in the blanks)
    • PowerPoint Slide file
    • Teacher’s Script

How To Pray for Your Pastor

  • 3-5 Sessions
  • Pastors are spiritual targets and need your prayer. This seminar teaches participants how to pray for their pastor, and helps you structure a Pastor’s Prayer Team.
  • Includes:
    • Participant’s Handout Master (Fill in the blanks)
    • PowerPoint Slide file

How to Recession-Proof Your Inner World

  • 5-6 Sessions
  • It’s not the condition of your portfolio that matters most, it’s the condition of your soul. Participants discover how to construct an inner mansion that money can’t buy and bankers can’t take away. Designed for discipleship groups,  stewardship campaigns, or spiritual-formation retreats.
  • Includes:
    • PowerPoint Slide File
    • Participants Handout Master (Fill in the blanks)
    • Teacher’s Script

Speaking, teaching, and preaching are part of my joy and calling, and I want to bless you and your ministry by keeping it as affordable as possible.  Expenses include transportation, lodging (hotel/motel only), meals (restaurants only) and possibly a car rental (it depends). Honorarium can vary…

Let’s talk…


7 thoughts on “Speaking

  1. Hey Bill,
    I still can’t believe you are so close. A lot closer than Chicago. LOL
    Anyway, I mentioned in an earlier email that I am the Bible teacher at Stone Ridge High School in Merced, California and also the pastor of Planada Community Church. I am setting up my chapel schedule for this next year and thought of you. I don’t know what we could work out. Or if you are already going to be down this way, we can possibly coattail with someone else. If you have any ideas, I would love to talk with you. You were truly an important influential person in my spiritual growth when I was Moody. Thanks again.

    By the way, have you heard or know where Lee and Jennifer Bond are located now? He was my roommate at Moody and I can’t seem to locate them.
    Anyway, hopefully we can chat. God Bless
    Joe Levesque.

  2. Bill, I stumbled across your site while searching for a picture of the parting of the Red Sea to use at our ministry’s upcoming banquet. When I saw your photo in the banner at the top of the screen, I thought, “That guy looks familiar.” So I dug deeper and found out where our paths had crossed — Grace Pointe (or Naperville Bible as it was known then).

    Thanks for the great words of your blog on the Miracle on the Hudson, especially the reference to the Billy Graham quote. You both challenged and edified me as I was preparing my presentation. So glad I could be blessed once again by your teaching.

    Barbara Mill, wife to the crazy-for-the-Lord Cuban, Manny Mill of Koinoina House National Ministries

  3. Bill:

    I was looking up the lyrics to the great hymn, “My hope is in the Lord” and I bumped into you. Several things caught my attention, not the least of which was your Chicago roots and [longsuffering] love for Chicago sports. I can truly identify. I grew up in the western suburbs (Wheaton) but my wife, Bobbie, and I live in Florida. Our two dogs are “Cubbie” and “Wrigley.”

    My career has landed me in the publishing business for almost 40 years. Since 1992 I have been a literary agent. Today we represent about 70 Christian authors…guys you love and quote.

    I confess not knowing about you until this moment, but am fascinated with your life and career and love for the Lord…and late night hymn-singing.

    Officially, our firm is not taking any new clients…but I’m fascinated with your ministry. And your writing.


    • Thank you, Robert. Nice to make your acquaintance. Here’s a weird coincidence (Providence, actually).

      I have been humming that hymn since 4:30 this morning, and am posting the lyrics on Facebook today. How does that happen? It’s one of my favorites.

      God bless you in your work… I know that publishing times are hard… Thanks for commenting.


  4. i just found your site and it is more than very interesting. I am a full-blood wap- also! And my poor husband has suffered greatly because of it.

    This year has been interesting to say the least- had 2 hip replacements due to having been born with slightly deformed hips (never knew it!) which eventually caused such pain that I was not able to walk on my own. Surgeries in march and june have given me a lot of time to surf the net. And doing a study of legalism(ok, actually researching Gothard, QF, patriarchy and all that nut job stuff but saying legalism makes me sound so much more….uh…spiritual!!!) has led me here…and it is one of the most interesting sites by far.

    Having been both a victim and victimizer of legalism, I have read many sad stories of how those who were hurt by it some no longer believe in God. How sad! You used the “many cuts” image. I see it as a person being beat every day with a teddy bear filled with razor blades…when someone gives them a real teddy bear they cringe and run away from it.

    Will be coming back to read more. I like the way you write and get a message across.

    p.s. some of the entries I wanted to comment on did not have this little box at the bottom where it says ” leave a reply.”

    • Thanks for this. Thank God for grace and for his deliverance from legalism.
      Yes, there is a deadline on comments for older posts… the comment option goes away after a couple of weeks.

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