Preaching at Windy City Comm Church

wcccauditI had a great time in Chicago recently. I got to speak at Windy City Community Church… a church I planted in 1987 and pastored for 16 years. It was so cool to renew old friendships. Thank you to Steve and Denise Story and everybody at WCCC for making me so welcome.  Great worship time… and a chile cookoff and volleyball tournament.  As the guys said during the skit @ church… “Sounds like a gas…”

windy-city-028Afterwards, I got to chat with people and sign books.  Very fun.  If you’re in Chicago, check out this church on the NW side. A great group of people doing phenomenal things for God.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, I joined a small group that’s been working through How to Keep Your Inner Mess from Trashing Your Outer World. A fun and funny group with lots of action and discussion. Hey, host a small group based on the book, invite me, and I just might show up!

Update: I will hopefully hear this week about a second book… more of an apologetics slant… and would appreciate your prayers.  Thanks.