God Didn’t Answer My Prayer

I prayed for something, and God didn’t make it happen. Now what?

Faith. Hope. Love. 

God answers prayer better than you think. You may not always get the answer exactly as you hoped. These disappointments are the greatest test of faith. Keep the faith; wait patiently on the Lord. He is orchestrating a bigger answer than you can imagine.

-DANIEL prayed, “Lord, preserve my nation.” God answered by letting the nation be destroyed. But he used Daniel to bless three empires and to counsel rulers, and he blessed him with power and wealth beyond description.

-JOSEPH prayed, “Lord save me from slavery.” God answered by letting him be sold into slavery. But he used Joseph to save the known world from starvation, including his family, and he blessed him with riches and wisdom beyond imagination.

-ESTHER prayed, “Lord, save me from the harem of Persia.” God answered by letting her be taken into that harem. But he used Esther to save the Jews from extermination, and blessed her with a happily ever after that no words could describe.

-JESUS prayed, “Lord, let this cup be taken from me.” God answered, letting him drink the cup of death by Crucifixion down to the last bitter drop. But it is through Jesus and his Cross and Resurrection that he delivered his people into the glorious liberty of the children of God… and saved them once for all forever.

Do not fret at “unanswered” prayer. There is no such thing. We are only looking at the closed gate blocking our next steps, begging God to open it.

God is looking at the mountain towering over our lives. He’s preparing to level it.

Wait on the Lord. Keep the faith. Leave the outcomes to him.