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9 thoughts on “WISEGUYS! Free Newsletter

  1. I enjoy being able to read the wise words, comments, ramblings, thoughts of the pastor of the church I am going to…it’ great!

  2. Hey Bill I finally remembered to sign up for “wise guys” . I dunno wats wrong wit me but I kept , you know, fuggitenaboudit but no more ya know wat I mean? . Hey and by the way I really appreciate your quips about being nice to those of us who are fortunate enough to practice grace at Costco. Blessings, Jim Boetjer

  3. Hi there,

    I haven’t been getting the wiseguys newsletter…I tried checking “junk mail” and it wasn’t in there either. I tried signing up again, but the website won’t let me as I’m already signed in.

    Any suggestions??

    thanks so much!


  4. One question: (actually 2)
    1. Is “Wise Guys” for men only, or is it equal opportunity, non-gender? ;o) Don’t you miss me?
    2. I’m looking for your Grace Lineup Notes, preached in June of 2003 (yipes). my girlfriend and are going to use it for our Bible study, maybe.
    Well, you are missed!

  5. Hi Cherie,
    I’m with you. The one and only newsletter I’ve received was in July 2007. I’ve also checked my junk mail. I’ve also tried to resign up. When I signed up for this newsletter I even made a folder for the many newsletters that I was going to receive. Alas my folder has only one newsletter. : ( Is there anything I can do to get a Wiseguys newsletter?

  6. Dear Friends,
    I know, I know… I hang my head with shame at how long it has been… But I will do one. Actually I started a good one, and it crashed and disappeared, and I never got around to writing a new Wiseguys… But I will! Honest! Before Jesus returns!


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